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For the moment, please excuse the imperfections of this site.

It is definitely "under construction."
I am presently updating to eliminate the links on the subsequent pages my stampwhiz.com site.
I am also trying to update the links on pages to eliminate dead links.
I am about half way complete on this project.

Welcome to the StampNotes web site.  Thanks for dropping in and spending some time.  I hope you find some things of interest.

At present, I expect to provide a home for my philatelically oriented endeavors.  There will be four groups of items.

Today in Postal History:  The first section will be a home for my daily series, Today in Postal History.  Each day I have been posting at least one page with a postal history item dated on the same day in the past.  The postings are made on the eBay Stamps Chat Board and David Frick's StampChat board.  I use images I have collected from various web-sites; however, most are from offerings on eBay.  I write about the philatelic aspects of the cover and provide links to related material.  I try to include some geographical information about the location of the origination and destination.  I try to pick covers which show the date clearly, have interesting originations and destinations, interesting stamps, or illustrate an aspect of postal history like rates, routes, or markings.  It’s not intended to be profound but rather educational.  The index provides links to the monthly lists by date.  If you want to find a cover which was posted on your birthday, just click on the month on the index page and then click on the cover(s) listed for that date.

Notes from the Past:  The next section provides short notes concerning topics of philatelic interest.  For the most part, they are gleaned from past publications by eminent stamp collectors and postal historians or gleaned from my readings of related material.  I also have written a number of original items about philatelic subjects.  These pages, too, made their debut in daily posts on the eBay Stamps Chat Board.  The index provides an alphabetical list of two groupings.  The first covers the postings from the first 300 days and the next covers the next 208 items.  The two lists should be combined but I haven't gotten my round tuit for that yet.  You can use the [ctrl][f] search function to find a keyword.

PhilaTopics:  This is a pot-pourri of pages about philatelic subjects.  Sometimes they tell about something; sometimes they are how-tos; they are often just stating my thoughts on something or other philatelic.  They can be browsed and enjoyed or ignored as you choose.  The index is a simple listing of the topics.  There aren't too many to make review difficult.

The Stamps of Jamaica:  I have collected the stamps of Jamaica for nearly 30 years.  I have done very little with postal history but I do try to find select copies of each variety both mint and used.  I expect them to fit my standards for acceptability.  The centering on all should require a second look to see that it may not be quite perfect.  Light hinging is acceptable.  Faults are not.  The cancels on the used are expected to be small, and, hopefully, crisp segments which do not interfere with the design of the stamp.  Often they appear to be unused although I would prefer a small arc on a corner.  I look for identifiable shades and do have a few of oddments like inverted watermarks (which, of course, do not show well).  I also include a few with nice cancellations.  It is my ambition to be able to have a complete collection to be able to show.  I'm probably 80% of the way there now.  But I'm not yet ready to tackle the job of completing the web site.  It will take a long time and a lot of scanning.  I have calculated that it would take about 100 mb of webspace to cover what I expect to.  That’s going to be another of the retirement goals to be taken on.  Right now, I haven't a thing to show in this category only empty promises.

Feel free to browse around my site. If you have comments or questions please drop me a line at jimbonita@stampnotes.com.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your visit.