Today in Postal History - May
Trinidad to Cuba 05/01/33; France to United States 05/01/73;
Ireland to South Africa 05/01/00
Madagascar to France 05/01/13
Sierra Leone to England 05/02/23
Canada to Argentina 05/02/30
Japan to India 05/02/15
Norway to Germany 05/03/23
Samoa to Netherlands 05/03/16
Cayman Islands to United States 05/04/31
Switzerland Internal Usage 05/04/24
Philippines to Switzerland 05/05/99
German See Post to United States 05/05/09
St. Pierre et Miquelon 05/06/26
St. Lucia to United States 05/06/35
United States Domestic Use 05/07/60
Finland to Sweden 05/07/40
Cuba to United States 05/08/45
Switzerland to Russia 05/08/25
China to Germany 05/09/99
Chinese Imperial Post Internal Usage 05/09/03
Mesopotamia I.E.F. 05/10/19
Germany to Switzerland 05/10/22
Barbados to Fanning Island 05/11/27
German East Africa to Germany 05/11/04
Denmark Early Flight 05/12/14
Iraq to Germany 05/12/26
Gold Coast to Netherlands 05/13/22
United States to Cuba 05/13/35
Mexico to Uruguay 05/14/99
Costa Rica to United States via Bahamas 05/14/26
Aitutaki to New Zealand 05/15/29
China to United States 05/15/13
Hawaii to United States 05/15/94
French PO in Turkey to England 05/16/77
Bermuda to Netherlands West Indies 05/16/46
Jamaica to Scotland 05/17/29
Danish West Indies to Germany 05/17/96
Japan to United States 05/18/82
China Expeditionary Force to Rhodesia 05/18/06
North West Pacific Islands to Australia 05/19/15
Great Britain to China 05/19/07
Guatemala to United States 05/20/64
Hong Kong Treaty Port to Germany 05/20/01
British Guiana Domestic Use 05/21/02
Indo China to Algeria 05/21/01
Palestine Internal Usage 05/21/18
Austria to Japan 05/22/07
Greenland to Argentina 05/22/58
New Hebrides (French) to England 05/23/29
North Korea to Germany 05/23/55
New Caledonia to United States 05/24/41
Hawaii to Madeira 05/24/93
Burma to England 05/25/92
Egypt to Germany 05/25/38
El Salvador to Switzerland 05/26/23
Czechoslovakia to Brazil 05/26/32
Canada Bush Mail 05/27/29
Italy Internal Usage - First Airmail Stamp 05/27/17
Latvia to Germany 05/28/33
Libya to Italy 05/28/30
Italy to Austria 05/29/33
France to United States 05/29/35
Morocco to Senegal 05/30/25
Rhodesia to England 05/30/07
British East Africa to Austria 05/31/94
Brunei to Scotland 05/31/31

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