Today in Postal History - March
United States First Flight Crash Cover 03/01/29
Denmark to Finland 03/01/40
Natal to Australia 03/02/03
Belgium to China 03/02/38
Czechoslovakia to United States - Hawaii 03/03/27
Turkey to United States 03/03/97
New Caledonia to United States 03/04/18
British Central Africa to Channel Islands 03/04/95
Straits Settlements to England 03/05/07
Caso to Germany 03/06/13
Russia to France forwarded to Belgium 03/06/29
Straits Settlements (Paquebot) to Denmark 03/07/13
Hawaii to Germany 03/07/94
Hong Kong to Germany 03/08/02
Kenya and Uganda to Germany 03/08/31
Mexico to United States 03/09/31
British Guiana Domestic Use 03/09/81
Germany to Argentina 03/10/33
Niger Coast Protectorate to England 03/10/94
China to Italy 03/11/01
Chile Internal Usage 03/11/59
Turkey to United States 03/12/00
Lebanon to Egypt 03/12/25
Bahamas to United States 03/13/30
Chile Local Usage 03/13/99
Martinique to United States 03/14/06
German International Reply Coupon 03/14/31
El Salvador to England 03/15/30
Finland to England 03/15/94
Venezuela to Croatia 03/16/05
Australian-New Zealand Army Corps Fieldpost - Egypt 03/16/16
Italian Post Office in Smyrna to Denmark 03/17/19
Ceylon to Austria 03/17/96
Kenya, Uganda, and Tanganyika to Netherlands 03/18/37
Natal Domestic Use 03/18/95
Palestine to Germany 03/19/22
Uruguay to Romania 03/19/32
New Guinea to England 03/20/33
Switzerland to United States 03/20/40
Gambia to Bulgaria 03/21/12
Mauritius to France 03/21/82
Lebanon to France 03/22/03
Canal Zone to United States 03/22/15
Nyasaland Protectorate to England 03/23/16
Iceland to Germany 03/23/99
Danzig to United States 03/24/23
Jamaica to United States 03/24/98
Latvia to Palestine 03/25/41
W├╝rttemberg to Poland 03/25/90
Libya to Italy 03/26/22
Mayotte to France 03/26/75
Chile Local Usage 03/27/01
Costa Rica to United States 03/27/04
Indo China to France 03/28/32
Cook Islands to United States 03/28/35
Great Britain to Germany 03/29/93
Jamaica to United States 03/29/99
South Georgia to Falkland Islands 03/30/38
Uruguay to France 03/30/69
Trieste to United States 03/31/33
Greenland to United States 03/31/56

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