Today in Postal History - February
Falkland Islands Dependencies (South Georgia) to United States 02/01/54
South Australia to England 02/01/55
Falkland Islands to Argentina 02/02/87
Oil Rivers Protectorate to Great Britain 02/02/94
Belgium to New Caledonia 02/03/38
France to United States 02/03/77
Bermuda to Canada 02/03/99
Danish West Indies to France 02/04/86
Brazil to Macao 02/04/36
Syria to France 02/05/75
Bulgaria to Switzerland 02/05/30
Germany Intenal Usage 02/06/36
Rarotonga (Cook Islands) to United States 02/06/93
Tahiti to New Zealand 02/07/03
Tanganyika to England 02/07/27
Gold Coast to England 02/08/04
Martinique to United States 02/08/96
Korea to France 02/09/00
Hungary to Denmark 02/09/24
Togo to Switzerland 02/10/17
China to United States 02/10/36
Alexandretta to Switzerland 02/11/39
Mexico to United States 02/11/56
Siam to England 02/12/10
Panama to United State 02/12/33
Algeria to Canada 02/13/33
Fanning Island, New Zealand to Australia 02/13/39
Zanzibar to England 02/14/07
Colombia to United States 02/14/26
British Honduras to United States 02/15/05
Guadeloupe to United States 02/15/38
China to Germany 02/16/01
Philippines to Japan 02/16/36
New Zealand to Australia 02/17/34
Jamaica to Nova Scotia 02/17/90
India 02/18/11 World's First Official Air Mail Flight
Palestine to Denmark 02/18/61
Argentina to United States 02/19/30
Ruanda-Urundi to Great Britain 02/19/31
Sweden to Hungary 02/20/21
Haiti to France 02/20/99
German East Africa to Germany 02/21/01
Scarpanto to Constantinople 02/21/13
Galapagos to Canada 02/22/56
Great Britain to Denmark 02/22/71
Hong Kong to United States 02/23/00
Peru to United States 02/23/08
China to Scotland 02/24/08
Cameroons to England 02/24/32
Morocco to Denmark 02/25/18
Utica PM Billing Reminder 02/25/84
Panama to Austria 02/25/91
England to Australia 02/26/20
Wales to Egypt 02/26/85
Indo-China to India 02/27/34
Cuba to United States 02/27/73
Finland to China 02/28/35
Martinique to United States 02/28/41
French Morocco to Argentina 02/29/28
Switzerland Domestic Usage 02/29/60
Martinique to United States 02/28/41
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