Today in Postal History

Compilations of daily postings of items of interest
to collectors with a postmark for the day.

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The list is finally complete.  I have covers for every day.  There are no gaps.  There will be more than one cover as I find time to add them.

Thanks for your interest.

Acknowledgments:  Such a compilation as this is due to ready availability of images on the internet and I wish to thank all of the people who post their auctions, their internet sales pages, and just plain interesting items to share, intentionally or not, with the world.  Without this resource, I would have been unable to complete this work.  Further, I am grateful to the many wonderful posters on the eBay Stamps Chat Board and StampChat hosted by David Frick and Mauro Mowszowicz.  The poster's comments and information they share have improved the accuracy of the descriptions and enhanced the stories with further interesting information.  Their comments concerning my postings are always encouraging to me and are deeply appreciated.  I've also found the resources of Google helpful in finding references which illuminate the item's history.  Finally, I am indebted to my 1987 The Concise International Atlas published by Rand McNally.  It's a fabulous book with a gazetteer second to none.  Unfortunately, it does not include the changes of the past 15 years.

Updated September 30, 2004
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