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Cyprus to Israel
December 31, 1949

This commercial cover is intriguing when the period of Iraeli history is considered.
Cyprus had been a staging point for Jews relocating illegally to Palestine.
Israel had only recently achieved statehood and its future was still quite uncertain.

This cover was sent from Nicosia with a clear two ring CDS.
It bore two stamps from Cyprus: the 1938 George VI ½ piastre green (SG 152) and
the 1½ piastre UPU violet (SG 168).
I'm not sure of the significance of the 13½ penciled on the front
although I suspect it was the Cypriot marking of the amount due associated with the stamped T.

It was censored in Israel and sealed with tape.
On arrival in Israel it was stamped with a postage due mark with a penciled-in 16.
Four 1949 Israeli postage dues were added on the back:
3x 2 prutot orange (Scott J6) and a 10 prutot yellow green (Scott J8).

I cannot interpret the Israeli markings associated with the postage due.
One appears to be an accountancy mark indicating the affixing of the dues.
The other four appear to be ordinary CDS.


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