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Guatemala to Macau
December 31, 1939

This registered cover was mailed in Guatemala City.
Registry was indicated by the registry CDS
cancelling the stamps and the registry handstamp.
The registry handstamp was annotated in script.

The corner card suggests that the sender was a stamp dealer.
The form suggests that is might be two brothers - J. and W. Lau.
There is also a seal on the backflap with J. Lau W.

The routing was via the registry section in
San Francisco, California on January 15, 1940.
Apparently this was the transfer point for most mail
transiting the Pacific from Central America.

The next stop was Hong Kong where the letter was censored and resealed.
Remember that World War II was well underway
for the British Commonwealth in 1939.
The letter's arrival in Macau earned an
octagonal CDS dated January 21, 1940.

The cover is franked with a 1937 15c ultramarine and
copper red Aurora Airport Custom House and a 1939
1c postal tax stamp with black overprint (Scott 287 and RA12).


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