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December 30, 1912

This crisp cover was mailed in Bern to Basel.
The Bern machine slogan cancel advertised the 1914 Swiss National Exhibition in Bern.

Bern (Berne) is in central Switzerland and
Basel is about 70 km north near the German border.

The cover was franked with a 1911 2c bister William Tell's son (Scott 153).
The cover also has a forerunner of the Pro Juventute (For the Young) Swiss semi-postals.
This was a 10rp in red issued for 1913.
The stamp had official support and were distributed through the post office.
The post office also cancelled it with a Bern handstamp.
The inscription on the stamp is, 'Viel sonnenschein im neuen Jahr!"
(Much sunshine in the New Year!)

The Pro Juventute forerunner was one of three designs issued.
Something is wrong with the link above so I'll show the stamps here:

The series is prized by collectors.

The first Swiss Pro Juventute semi-postal was issued a year later on December 1, 1913.
Except for 1914, they have been issued each year since.


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