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Monaco to Poland
December 28, 1937

This picture post card was bound for Warsaw.

It was franked with six stamps from the 1932 issue: 20c orange brown, 25c olive black
30 c yellow green,
40c dark brown, 45c brown red, and 50c purple (Scott 111-116).
It also includes
a 15c on 30c bister 1937 surcharged postage due stamp (Scott 133) - how frugal.

The stamps were cancelled with six CDS from the Principality.
The town designator is Monaco Ville.

The illustration shows the Oceanographic Museum instead of the usual casino.
Perhaps this was to reassure those at home that this
really was a cultural trip not just a gambling foray!

In any event, a fine philatelic souvenir was created.


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