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New South Wales to United States
December 27, 1902

This cover was mailed in Temora about 185 northwest of Canberra.

The stamps were cancelled with three strikes of numeral 721 oval obliterators
and there is a Temora, N.S.W. CDS on the back.
Temora sounds like just the sort of town that you could be proud of.
They have an interesting Aviation Museum.

The cover crossed the Pacific and entered the U.S. mail in San Francisco on January 19, 1903.
There is a San Francisco machine receiver on the back.

The next marking was for the arrival in Cincinnati on what appears to be January 23, 1903.

The cover is most likely franked with a ½d. blue green Victoria and
two 1d. carmine coat of arms of the 1902 issue (SG 313 and 314).


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