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Hungary to Austria
December 26, 1903

This picture post card began its journey in Nyitra (now Nitra), Hungary,
about 100 km east of Vienna where it received a CDS.
Nitra is now part of Slovakia.*

One day later it received what appears to be an arrival mark
at its destination of Wiener, Neustadt.
Nieder Oesterreich is 'down' or southern Austria.
It was addressed to Postlagern (Poste Restante).
Weiner, Neustadt, is about 40 km south of Vienna.*

The cover is franked with a single corner copy of the
5f emerald Crown of St. Stephen of 1900 (Scott 51).

*Thanks to David B. and Knud-Erik for help in locating the
destination and the identifying the other post related marks.

*Thanks to Jim Gaul for pointing out the spelling differences for Nyitra.


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