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Malta to Italy
December 25, 1913

Business didn't stop on the island of Malta on Christmas day
in 1913 as shown by this island-to-island registered cover.
The registered envelope originated in Cospicua - which was probably a very small town at the time.
Cospicua is about 6 km south of Valleta.
Palermo, the destination on the island of Sicily, was less than 200 km
on a straight line from Cospicua - almost like local mail.
The envelope was received there on December 27.

The cover is franked with a block of 4 of the 1d red Edward VII
of 1907 (SG 49) to uprate the two penny registration envelope.

  The 'Egregio' endorsement translates as 'Dear.'
Perhaps someone can confirm that.

Merry Christmas!


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