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Japan to United States
December 24, 1918

This picture post card went into the mails in Kioto (Kyoto).
Note the obligatory western CDS for foreign mail as well as the Japanese CDS.
There is a strike of some sort on the picture side of the card which I cannot decipher.
I suspect it is an offset from the next card in the stack.

The route was probably via a transpacific mail packet to San Francisco
and then via transcontinental rail to New York City.
In New York it was determined that the addressee had moved to
Williamsburg, Pennsylvania, so the card was forwarded c/o Mr. Love.
Williamsburg is near Altoona about 150 km due east of Pittsburgh.

The stamp appears to be the 4s red of 1914 (Scott 132).

There is very little else to be said about this card other
than to note the Mona-Lisa-like quality of the portrait.


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