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China to Denmark
December 23, 1915

This picture postcard has several interesting features.
First, it was mailed from Peking in the Russian Post Office.

The stamp is a Russian 4k carmine with numerals at the sides overprinted in 1910
with a  black China overprint for use in Russian Offices in China (Scott 31).

There is a faint boxed handstamp on the front in Russian.
I'm not sure what it was - possibly a censor's mark?
Any suggestions?

The card is addressed to Copenhagen via Siberia and is, I believe, in Danish.
The route would have made use of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The illustration portrays a group of soldiers riding in a
two wheeled donkey cart shepherded by a crew of three.
It looks as though one or two of the passengers had just decided to bail out.
The card is titled L'Omnibus.
Undoubtedly, the Trans-Siberian was a faster mode of transportation.

Another item to note was the script date at the bottom of the illustration - 5/1-16.
This card had been written by someone who dated the card using the Gregorian
and the card was cancelled using the Julian calendar still in use in Russia.


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