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Jamaica to Germany
December 22, 1896

This cover began its journey in Kingston on the south coast of the island.
Its sendoff was a nice strike of a double-rimmed CDS.

The cover is franked with the 1886 3d sage-green Victoria (SG 21).
There is a shadow that suggests that a stamp might be missing to the left
of the visible stamp, however there is no evidence of a cancel nor of postage due.
I think 3d was the right rate for such a letter.

The sender requested service "per R.M.S.?. Para."
This would have been the ship Para of the West Indies Royal Mail service, I believe.
I'm sure someone can help me on this one.

The cover was destined for Magdeburg about 125 km west southwest of Berlin.
On its arrival there on January 8, 1897, a receiver was stamped on the back.


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