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Germany to Bulgaria
December 22, 1922

Post World War I inflation had really begun when this registered (Einschreiben*) philatelic cover
was mailed from Berlin by a stamp dealer.
There are eight Berlin CDS and a preprinted registration label.

The stamps are from the 1922 typographed issues (I am relying on their having network watermarks).
There are seven different stamps:  one 2m deep violet, two 6m dark blue type II,
one 10m carmine and pale rose, one 20m violet and orange, one 100pf yellow green,
one 5m brown orange (on the back), and one 50m indigo
(Scott 185, 189, 181, 182, 172, 194,  and 198, respectively).
The total postage was 100m.

The destination was Sistowo (more recently Svištov), a city on the Danube
in Turnova province about midway from east to west in Bulgaria.

*Thanks to Maarten for his suggestions and corrections.
Thanks, too, to Paul for finding the destination.


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