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Siam to United States
December 21, 1918

This cover began its journey in Trang, Siam (now Thailand).
Trang is about halfway down the Malay Peninsula.

The cover proceeded to go up the peninsula to Bangkok where it arrived on December 25.
It received two Bangkok transit marks there.

Its next stop was in Hong Kong on January 7, 1919.
There is one Hong Kong transit mark and the
remains of a misstruck one at the bottom of the front.
Note also the remains of a routing note in the
lower left hand corner of the address side of the cover.

It crossed the Pacific and then on to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

There are three 6 satang carmine rose stamps of 1912 (Scott 147)
and one 10 satang black and olive of the 1917 re-engraved series (Scott 167).


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