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Jamaica to United States
December 20, 1905

This Christmas picture post card went into the mail
in Port Antonio on the north east coast of Jamaica.

Two double-rimmed CDS were used to cancel the card.

It was a complimentary card provided by Hotel Titchfield.
Here is another site for the Hotel Titchfield.

The card was received in Philadelphia on Christmas Day, December 25.
Its arrival was noted by the American machine receiver.

The illustration on the card is for 'an old-time sugar mill.'
It reminds me of Cane Garden Bay on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.
There they have a small cane crop which is converted
to rum in the 'rum factory' on a daily basis.
Three days old is considered well-aged.

The stamp is the 1d Arms type which had just been issued on November 20 (SG 39).


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