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Netherlands to Netherlands East Indies Crash Cover
December 19, 1934

This is a followup to the Uiver crash cover which was posted previously.
You can find the details of the flight on that link.

After stops at Marseilles, Rome and Athens, the "UIVER"
left Cairo airport at 9:30 p.m. on 19 December.

Over the desert strong-hold of Fort Rutbah Wells in Syria,
the plane met with serious bad weather and crashed after it was struck by lightning.
All passengers and crew perished.
This provides two pictures of the crash site.

The stamps on this cover are the 30c dark green triangle
with a Fokker Pander issued in 1933 (Scott C10)
and the 6c orange brown Wilhelmina of 1927 (Scott 173).

There are two CDS however, I cannot decipher the town name.
Help, anyone?


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