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Netherlands to Netherlands East Indies Crash Cover
December 18, 1934

The Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) DC-2 PH-AJU "UIVER" took off from
Schiphol on 19 December 1934 for a faster than normal flight to Java,
in order to deliver the Christmas mail for the Indies before 25 December.

After stops at Marseilles, Rome and Athens, the "UIVER"
left Cairo airport at 9:30 p.m. on 19 December.

Over the desert strong-hold of Fort Rutbah Wells in Syria,
the plane met with serious bad weather and crashed after it was struck by lightning.
All passengers and crew perished.

Part of the mail was salvaged and flown from Baghdad to Batavia
by the KLM Fokker PH-AIR "RIJSTVOGEL".

In Holland special envelopes were made available for this
Christmas flight and a special cachet was applied to all mail.

Salvaged mail was backstamped on arrival in the Indies.

This cover was mailed the day before the planned takeoff.
I cannot decipher the post office where the cover was given two CDS.
Help, anyone?

This special envelope (black printing) was carried on the
crash flight and backstamped Batavia 28 December 1934.

The photo shows the "UIVER" at Amsterdam/Schiphol,
ready to take off for its Christmas flight to the Dutch East Indies.

The stamps are 30c dark green triangle with a Fokker Pander issued in 1933 (Scott C10)
and the 6c violet black Willemstad Harbor from the 1934 Tercentenary of Curacao (Scott 202).


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