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China to Germany
December 16, 1901

This registered cover was mailed from the Tientsin, China,
German post office shortly after the Boxer Rebellion.
Tientsin is about 110 km southeast of Peking
(now Beijing) near the coast of the Gulf of Chihli.

A preprinted registry label was added and there are three Tientsin CDS.
There are three strikes of the German Post Office CDS.

The cover's destination was Berlin where it arrived on January 28, 1902.

It is franked with three Germania types overprinted China issued in 1901.
These stamps were for use in German Offices in China.
The denominations are 5 pf green, 10 pf carmine, and
25 pf orange and black on yellow paper (Scott 25, 26, and 28).

There is a return address in the lower left corner.
The letter was most likely from a husband to his wife.


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