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Liechtenstein to Austria
December 14, 1913

The Principality of Liechtenstein is tucked into
a small space between Austria and Switzerland.

This registered cover was sent from the capital, Vaduz.
There are four Vaduz cds.

The typewritten request for 'Einschreiben !' led to
the attention-getting yellow preprinted registry label.

The cover was franked with a complete set of the first stamps issued in 1912
under Austrian administration of the Liechtenstein Post Office.

Not surprisingly, the stamps are modeled after contemporary Austrian stamps.
The stamps are denominated in Austrian currency with 100 heller = 1 krone.
The stamps portray Prince Johann II in
a 5k yellow green, a 10h rose and a 25h dark blue (Scott 1-3).
Three stamps provided the bare minimum stamps required for the basic
UPU rates and colors for postcards, domestic mail, and international mail.

Sternberg, now Šternberk, is in Moravia.
Šternberk is about 80 km northeast of Brno.
At the time of this cover, Moravia was part of Austria.
After World War I, it became part of Czechoslovakia.
In 1939 Germany occupied the Sudetanland including Sternberk.
It is now part of the Czech Republic.

There is a Sternberg receiver on the back which looks
like the letter was delivered on December 16.
There is a faint MÄHREN in the receiver. 

*Thanks to Knud-Erik Anderson for locating Šternberk for me.


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