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British Army South Africa - Transvaal
December 14, 1900

This registry envelope was cancelled at a field post office during the Boer War.
It gives the impression that it might have been a favor cancel.
I don't know what is on the back side nor its destination, if any.

The stamps were 1d. rose-red and green Transvaal V. R. I.
overprints from the Second British Occupation (SG 227).

Stamps from this series were forged* and the scan doesn't show enough detail
to assess the quality of the letters and the alignment of the periods in the typeset overprints.
These are the clues to authenticity.

*David Benson has questioned my previous use of the term "often forged"
in describing the existence of forgeries in this series.
He suggests that,"Apart from the errors and inverts,
I have never seen or heard of a forgery."
Scott says this series is "extensively counterfeited."
Otherwise, Scott is in agreement with the
Gibbons note concerning forgeries in the series.
David Benson also notes, "There are still plenty
of the originals around in huge blocks, some in complete
sheets as there was a huge speculation in them.
The only forgeries are on the 5 Pound which was on the common reprint."
Certainly, the market would not encourage counterfeiting
of any but the printing variants and highest values.


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