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Japan to Denmark
December 12, 1923

This picture post card shows the devastation in Yokohama
caused by the Great Kanto earthquake of September 1, 1923.
The message is datelined Nagoya.

The destination was Mariager which is about 60 km
north of Arhus, via Randers, on the Jylland peninsula.

The stamps are imperf 4s gray green from 1923 (Scott 183).
The pair shows some evidence of having been privately rouletted.

An unusual feature of this card is that it was typed.
It would have been unusual for a traveler to have taken a typewriter.

I've turned the postcard sideways in hope that someone could translate it for us.

*Thanks to Knud-Erik Anderson, a resident of Randers, we have a translation of the card:

Nagoya, Japan, 11/12/23

Dear Dr. Holm.

It might interest you

to receive a card from Japan,

we were in Yokohama the last day and

we saw the sad remains of

the great earthquake 3 months ago,

the picture is from there.

I hope the doctor will plan at

once to take a trip with me, especially now

when we are sailing in the countries

where there is something to be seen.

       Best regards

               H. M. Harder.


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