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Gold Coast to United States
December 11, 1939

This primitive cover was registered in Kadjebi, Gold Coast, now Ghana.
The Kajebi post office was opened in 1925.

The Kadjebi (sometimes spelled Kajebi) post office came under the adminstration of the Hohoe post office.
Although I cannot locate Kadjebi in my atlas,
Hohoe is about 100 km inland
near the
border between present day Togo and Ghana.
The region was a source of slaves.

The cover probably contained cash for an order from the Rosicrucians, a California sect still active.
The stamp is the 6d from the 1938 George VI pictorials (SG 126).

It was censored by #9 in the Gold Coast who applied a tombstone stamp.
Presumably the letter was OK.

Note also the use of what appears to be selvage as an added seal to close the envelope.

The cover collected quite a few registry marks on its way to Oceanside, California.
Four were applied on the seams on the back of the envelope in Kadjebi.
The registration marks here are one of two marks
attributed to Kadjebi with an earliest known use of 1939.

There is a second form of Gold Coast registry stamp on the back which may be Hohoe.
It received two registry stamps when it arrived in New York City on January 26, 1940.
It then was punched in Oceanside on January 30.

*Thanks to Paul for his extensive additions concerning the Kajebi Post Office history.


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