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Cook Islands to United States
December 11, 1909

A visit to the Cook Islands in 1909 was just what the doctor ordered!
The sender of this card heeded the doctor's advice.

The Southern Cook Islands are located about 160W and 20S.
Rarotonga, where this picture postcard was mailed, is at 15945'W 2114'S.

At the time this card was mailed, the Cook Islands
were administered as a territory of New Zealand.
In 1965 they gained internal self-government linked to New Zealand.
Here's how the CIA World Factbook describes their independence:
"Independence: none (became self-governing in free association
with New Zealand on 4 August 1965 and has the right at any time
to move to full independence by unilateral action)."*

The card is franked with a 1902 1d rose pink Queen Makea Takau (SG 29).
(I don't think it is the 1d deep red of 1909 - SG 38 - although
the perforations do look like they could be perf. 14.
What do you think?)

There is a single Cook Islands CDS.
The destination was an apartment on Haight Street in San Francisco.
Does that bring back memories to anyone?

The buildings in the illustration look like municipal  administrationbuildings.
The people look pretty laid back.
The legend does say Rarotonga Island - Wharf m??ller?

*Thanks to Howard E. Schwat for calling my attention
to the distinctions of Cook Islands self governance.


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