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Lebanon to United States
December 10, 1948

The United Nations, founded in 1945, was soon followed by the United Nations Education,
Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) founded in 1946.
In 1948 UNESCO was involved in building Lebanon which became independent in 1943.

This neat airmail cover was sent from the UNESCO offices in Beyrouth.

The cover is franked with airmail stamps issued
November 23 to honor UNESCO as well as a postal tax stamp.
There are three 15p black and gray and a single 20p rose brown and rose (Scott C142 and C143).
The postal tax stamp is from the 1948 series of overprints of fiscal stamps.
This one is the 5pi on 3pi salmon rose (Scott RA7).

The stamps are cancelled with four UNESCO-BEYROUTH CDS.
Apparently, UNESCO had a post office assigned to it which had its own cancellations.

The cover was sent to someone at the Palo Alto High School in the suburbs of San Francisco.
Palo Alto is noted at the home of Stanford University.


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