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China to Russia via Russian Post Office
December 10, 1909

This is another picture post card sent by a distant traveler expressing Christmas and New Years wishes to friends.

Its interesting feature, of course, is that the card is of a Tokyo scene of Mukojima, a popular Cherry Blossom park;
however, the card was mailed in Shanghai via Siberia with a Russian stamp.
(How many times have we bought more cards than we could mail while on a trip and then sent them later?)

The card was mailed via the Russian Post Office in Shanghai who applied two nice, clear CDS.
The 'Poccnr' endorsement is Russia as written in Russian.*

The stamp is an 1899 3k carmine overprinted in blue for Russian Offices in China (Scott 3).

The card received a nice receiving mark when it arrived at Nystad, Russia, on December 28.
Nystad is where the treaty was signed in 1721 ending the
Great Northern War in which Russia under Peter the Great restored its Baltic Coast.

The card is a scene from Japan.
The message is Christmas and New Year greetings in Danish!
Nystad is a town in Finland
with a Swedish town name.
was under Russia at the time.
The cover was posted in China from a Russian Post Office.
The cancel is in French!
And we're talking about it in Norway, Denmark, and the United States 94 years later!
Ah, the wonders of modern communication!
Kabelstationen in the address was probably the telegraph office.*

*Thanks to Knud-Erik Anderson for identifying Russia.
Thanks, too, to Bjorn Munch for the information on the use of Danish and the address.
He also provided a neat summary of all the nations involved.


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