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Lebanon to France
December 9, 1919

This cover was mailed from the French Post office in Beyrouth (Beirut)
which was being occupied by the Allies (Egyptian Expeditionary Force)
after the defeat of the Turkish (Ottoman) Empire in World War I.

Beirut was just one of the cities in which the French maintained a post office.
Offices in the Turkish Empire were maintained by many nations including
Germany, Britain, Russia, Italy, Romania, Poland, Austria, Egypt, and Greece.
All but Egypt and Greece issued identifiable stamps for usage in their Turkish offices.
France issued its first stamps for use in the Turkish Empire in 1885.

The foreign post offices were all shut down after the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.
The offices closed October 27, 1923.

The cover is franked with a 1903 1 piaster overprint on a 25c blue (Scott 34).
The stamp was issued later in 1907 with out an overprint.

The destination was Paris where it arrived on December 15.
The cover received a foreign mail cancel (ETRANGER) on its arrival.


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