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December 8, 1943

This is the first FDC which has appeared on these pages.
It was selected since it is a bit unusual - at least, to me.
It is a reminder of war which began (for us in America) 61 years ago yesterday.
Like other countries occupied by Japan, the Philippine occupation was cruel.
Let us hope that no one ever has to suffer that kind of oppression again.

It is a FDC for a series of three semi-postal stamps issued during the Japanese occupation of the Philippines.
The surcharge was to benefit the victims of a flood on the island of Luzon.
Baha is Tagalog for 'flood'.  There is no cachet.
The 12c steel blue added 21c; the 20c rose
violet added 30c; and the 21c violet added 40c (Scott NB5-NB7).
The stamps surcharged were issued earlier in 1943 (Scott N18, N20, and N21).

The destination appears to have been a small town (Calamiao?)
in the province of Pangasinan 150 km north of Manila on the Lingayen Gulf.

It was here that the Japanese landed in December 21, 1941.
The American 6th Army led by General MacArthur landed here January 9, 1945.

I suspect the addressee was on the faculty of the high school.


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