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Belgium to England
December 7, 1883

This advertising postcard was mailed from Brussels.
It was postmarked with three Brussels CDS.

Its destination was Stourbridge which is about 25 km west of the heart of Birmingham.
There are no receiving or transit marks.

The cover was franked with two of the 1881 numeral series printed in aniline colors.
There are two 2c light ultramarine and one 1c gray green (Scott 40 and 41).

Of most interest is, however, the sender who was J.-B. Moens, the pioneer dealer, publisher, and 'forger'.
The cover announced his new Catalog of Current Prices of Postage Stamps.
It was  a large octavo volume in two columns with 780 pages of text and 224 woodcuts, containing 1750 engravings.*
This was certainly an ambitious volume for the time.
Moens published his first 'catalog' in January, 1862.
The price of 25 Francs (postage prepaid) was probably pretty stiff at the time.

*Thanks to Jim Whitford-Stark for his help in the translation.


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