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British Offices in Turkey to Germany
December 6, 1902

The British established post offices in many countries around the world.
This cover is an example of mail from such a post office in Turkey.
The cancel reflects mailing in Smyrna with a subsequent transit mark from Constantinople.
Both CDS include BRITISH POST OFFICE in the legend.

The destination of the cover was Ludwigshafen on the Rhein.
It is located on the west bank of the river across from Mannheim.
I believe there is a receiving mark on the back from Ludwigshafen but it is undecipherable.

The stamp is a 2d ultramarine Edward VII of the 1902 series
which has been surcharged with a 40 paras rate.
This stamp is SG 8 issued in March, 1902.
The rate is the UPU rate then current for international mail.

Stamps had been issued in the local currency starting in 1885 to prevent currency speculation
between the sterling-denominated stamps and the inflation-devalued Turkish currency.

Note the Barker Brothers/Smyrna return on the back flap.


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