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Turks and Caicos to St. Lucia
December 5, 1932

This neat inter-island cover left Turks Islands bound for Castries, St. Lucia.
The poor thing had only two black one farthing stamps (SG 162) issued in 1926
portraying the turk's head cactus and a neat boxed slogan cancel to help it on its way.
As is often the case, a young traveler leaves town with insufficient funds.
However, a charitable post office advanced travel funds in the form of a T in circle postage due mark and a penciled 6c.

The half penny postage was enough to start a journey of nearly 1400 km.
The Turks Islands are north of Hispaniola (Dominican Republic and Haiti) at the far eastern end of the Bahamas.
St. Lucia is near the southern end of the Lesser Antilles about 300 km north of Trinidad.

The postage due was duly collected at its destination.
Two St. Lucia postage due stamps were affixed (SG D1 and D2a - different No. font).
These interesting stamps were probably printed locally.
Specialists believe there were three settings of the 1d and two settings of the 2d.

The serial numbers were handstamped individually using a numbering machine - an accountant run amuck!

The arrival date in St. Lucia appears to be in January, 1933.
The addressee's name has been removed.

Thanks to Phil, the boxed slogan cancel is:

Here is a picture post card showing "Barreling of Turks Islands Salt" circa 1900.


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