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Siam to England
December 4, 1900

Stern lawyer business with three different stamps and London E.C. banner receiver.
The cover was sent from Bangkok arrived on January 2, 1902.
The stamps are from the 1899-1904 issue (Scott 76, 78, and 80).

Tonkin (Indo China) to Paris
December 4, 1902

Another Ricksha cover from a tourist in Hanoi.

Australia to Siam
December 4, 1913

Nice penny red 'Roos (Scott 2) to a radiotelegraph engineer - must have been an unusual occupation at that time.
Mailed from Perth on the southwest coast of Australia.
Bangkok was the destination.
These 1d 'Roos were delayed in delivery by unavailability of proper paper.
The first ones went to the Post Office in Melbourne on December 31, 1912.

Madagascar to France
December 4, 1929

Early international long haul first flight. for a registered cover.
Preprinted registry label for Tananarive.
Postage includes 1922 10fr surcharge on 5fr orange and rose lilac (Scott 145),
1908 2fr blue and olive (Scott 113), and
1922 1.50fr surcharge on 1fr deep blue and dull blue (Scott 143).
The destination was Aubervilliers is a suburb on the northeast side of Paris.

Martinique to Canal Zone
December 4, 1939

Note Censor Mark.
Cover was posted in Fort de France and destined for Cristobal in the Canal Zone.
Arrival in Cristobal led to a machine cancel with a map slogan.
The map shows the Canal on the Isthmus.

The cover is franked with a 1933 5fr Martinique women in red on pink paper (Scott 170),  and
a 1.25 fr from the 1939 New York World's Fair common design type (Scott 186).


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