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Chile to Germany
December 3, 1912

This uprated postal stationery was sent from Osorno.
Osorno has its own beautiful volcano.
Osorno is about 50 km inland from the Pacific coast below 40°S.
The cover bears two Osorno CDS.

The sender was the Banco de Chile in Osorno.

Its first stop was in Santiago, Chile, over 800 km north.
There it was given a almost illegible transit mark.
The date cannot be deciphered.

It then proceeded to its destination in Berlin.

Note the lack of a street address.
This problem was solved by the directory
assistance personnel who wrote in a street address.

The rate was 25c which was met by a 5c stamped envelope and
two 1912 10c gray and black Ramón Freire (Scott 102).


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