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Marshall Islands to Germany
December 1, 1907

This registered cover was sent from Jaluit, the capital of the German Marshall Islands colony.
The Marshall Islands are spread over the midwestern Pacific Ocean around 11N and 168E.
Jaluit atoll
is at 6N and 16935'E.

In 1986 the islands became the independent Republic of the Marshall Islands.
This cover bears four Jaluit CDS.

Registration was accomplished by a straight line Einschrieben
handstamp and a script registry number R No. 43d.

The cover arrived at its destination of Eisfeld on January 29, 1908.
Eisfeld is about 250 km southwest of Leipzig.
The cover was franked with 1901 stamps from the Kaiser yacht Hohenzollern series.
There is a margin strip of 3 and a pair of the 3pf brown (Scott 13)
and a 25pf orange and black on yellow paper (Scott 17).

Scott notes that the on cover usage of
these stamps is usually on over-franked philatelic items.


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