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Mauritius to Tahiti
November 26, 1919

It's hard to think of a more exotic pair of islands to be connected than on this registered cover.
The 12 cent registered envelope was posted in Port Louis on Mauritius at 2010'S 5730'E.
There are three Port Louis CDS.

It was sent via Bombay, Australia, and New Zealand to Papeete
on Tahiti at 1732'S 14934'W  where it arrived on March 4, 1920.
Such a routing would have been selected because of the reliability of the routes.

To help it on this long ocean voyage, a 15 cent blue with
Multiple Crown CA watermark from 1910 was added (SG 189).

I've been trying to understand the pencilled 1127? mark
after I guessed that it might mean an enclosure of 112 Fr..
I think it may be a pencilled registry serial number 1127.*
The next arrowhead figure appears to be an stamped marking of some sort.
The ink is a different color than the 1127 and the sides of the arrowhead
are straight, finely formed, and of equal length.

I have no idea what such a mark might mean.
Suggestions, anyone?

*This analysis was prompted by input from Bill Burch who also queried the routing.
Thanks, Bill, for the input.


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