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Germany to Brazil

November 25, 1923

In 1923 Germany was suffering under hyperinflation.
Prices changed daily.
Printers couldn't keep up with the demand for currency in ever larger denominations.
People got rid of their money because it would be worth less tomorrow.

Stamps were also affected by the inflation.
Germany increased postage  rates frequently.
Letters had to be franked with dozens of stamps.
Collecting covers showing usage during this period is very popular.

This cover was posted in Dresden where it was postmarked with four CDS.

It was franked with four 20,000,000,000 Mark stamps issued in 1923.
80 billion Marks were required for carriage to its destination in Brazil.
The international rate had quadrupled from 20 billion Marks on November 20.
It quadrupled again on November 26 to 320 billion Marks!*

The destination was Blumenau which is about 400 km northeast of Porto Alegre.
Blumenau is about 30 km inland from the Atlantic Ocean.
Blumenau is a German settlement in Santa Catarina province.
Octoberfest is an important event for them.
Dr. Hermann Blumenau, a pharmacist from
Lower Saxony, is credited with founding the city in 1848.

There are no receiving or transit marks.
The marks on the reverse appear to be offsets from other covers.

*Thanks to Bjorn Munch for this added information on the international rates.  


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