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Vatican City to Germany
November 22, 1929

This registered cover displays all of the 1929 Papal Arms issue
plus a single 80c Pope Pius XII high value(Scott 1-8).
This was the first issue for the Vatican.
Previously, the stamps of Italy had been used.

The Papal Arms stamps are printed in a single color on surface colored paper.
The 80c. is printed on white paper.
The use of the variety and the selection of all values make this cover undoubtedly philatelic.

The stamps are canceled with six nice strikes of the POSTE VATICANE CDS.
There is another illegible backstamp dated November 22
which I believe was used to indicate receipt into the Italian mails
who would hve been responsible for carrying the cover during until the cover left Italy.

The destination was Baden-Baden.
Baden-Baden is about 40 km northeast of Strasbourg and 65 km west of Stutgart.
The backstamp shows It arrived there on November 23.
Pretty good service!


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