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Jugoslavia to Germany
November 22, 1928

Time for an advertising cover!
This one indicates the sender was involved in both sewing machines and bicycles.
I don't know whether it was as a manufacturer or a retailer/distributor.
I rather suspect the latter.

In any event, it bears three 1 dinar scarlet King Alexanders of 1926-27 (Scott 43).
This was sufficient to transport the cover to Dresden in Germany.
There are two Zagreb CDS.

Jugoslavia was created at the end of World War I in the breakup
of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the rescrambling of the Balkans.
Note that I have used the J spelling of Yugoslavia which was what western collectors did when this stmp was issued.
I also note that the return address has a J shaped character in the name of the country.
Maybe we weren't so wrong after all. ;=)


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