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Albania to Germany
November 20, 1930

Here's a registered airmail cover one doesn't see every day.
It bears six TiranŽ airmail CDSs and a boxed registry handstamp with a script serial number.
TiranŽ is about 30 km inland from the Adriatic about midway north and south in Albania.

The stamps selected to frank the cover are interesting.
All portray King Zog.
There are four of the October 8, 1930, airmails - 5, 15, 20, and 50 quintar (Scott C29-C32).
There are also three of the September 1, 1930, definitives - 15 quintar and 2x 25 quintar (Scott 254 and 255).
The total rate of 155 quintar may not be an exact rate as the cover is likely philatelic.

The destination was GŲrlitz which is about 80 km east of Dresden.

Since we have no view of the reverse, we cannot provide information on transit or receiving marks.


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