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Spain to Argentina
November 19, 1918

This picture postcard was sent from Valencia.
Valencia is midway from north to south on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.

The place where the stamp normally would go is marked
all (?) versa indicating that the stamp is on the picture side.

The single Valencia CDS looks like posting in 1918 but it could be 1916.
The card is marked Impreso (printed) while the Tarjeta Postal marking has been crossed out
indicating that the postcard qualified for the printed matter rate.

The cover is franked with a 1909 Alfonso XIII 5c green.

The cover was addressed to Buenos Aires.
There are no transit or arrival marks.

The illustration shows a yoke of oxen helping to beach a working sailing vessel.
The inscription is something like "Grac. Regress de la pesca del Bou."
This translates to something like "Retrieving the fish after seine fishing."
It appears the sailors were fishermen.


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