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Straits Settlements to United States
November 18, 1891

This Straits Settlements 5c registry envelope has a
Straits Settlements 5c blue Victoria issued in 1883 to complete the rate.

The stamp was cancelled by a single ring Singapore CDS.
The same CDS was used to cancel the embossed registry seal on the flap.

There is a  registry rubber stamp from Singapore with a
script serial number to complete the registration process.

Its arrival in London was noted by two different registry receivers on December 15.
Two receivers indicate the offices through which it was handled
as it arrived from overseas in the Foreign Mail Office (red banner) and
then as it was transferred to the outbound mail (black oval) for the United States.
The mail was given a new registry serial number in London (46625).

The reverse was stamped by registry receipt stamps in New York on December 24
and in Chicago on December 27.
As the cover was processed in the New York Registry Office,
a new serial number (8169) was stamped on the front.

It is interesting to note the four registry handstamps and the
three serial numbers given as the cover passes from office to office:
one for Singapore where the first serial number was applied,
one for the London Foreign Mail Office where the second serial number was applied,
one for the London outbound mail,
one in New York where the thrid serial number was added, and one in Chicago.


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