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Morocco to France
November 18, 1904

This picture postcard was mailed at the German Post Office in Tangier.
The card was marked Imprime to garner the printed matter rate.
The stamp was placed on the illustration side of the card and
the address side is marked "Verso" where the stamp would normally be expected.
There is a TANGER | MAROCCO | DEUTSCHE POST single ring CDS on each side of the card.

The card is franked with a single German Offices in Morocco made
by overprintinga 5pf green Germania with 5c in 1900 (Scott 8).
 The traveler who sent this card marked the card as number 6 of 12.
Some travelers are really disciplined!

The card was addressed to a Mademoiselle de Guerrico in Paris.
There are no receiving marks.

The illustration shows a mosque in Tangier.
Tangier is at the west (Atlantic) end of the African side of the Strait of Gibralter.


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