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Tonga to Canada
November 16, 1970

This is a not-quite typical tourist's picture postcard to the folks back home.
The card featured Tongan child dancers.

I'm sure the folks back in Winnipeg were impressed by
this look at a polynesian island paradise just as winter set in.

The stamps are those wonderful die-cut stamps that Tonga introduced in the 1960s.
From left to right, we have a 2s banana (SG 281),  a 6s rose carmine coconut (SG 330),
a 3s Royal Visit (SG 305), and a 7s vermilion issued for the
Centenary of the British Red Cross (SG 336).
The banana was issued in 1969 and the rest were issued in 1970.
(Note: I'd be happy to correct any misidentifications of the stamps.)

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