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Germany to United States
November 13, 1931

The Dornier 10 (or DO-X) was a remarkable airplane
developed to make long duration transoceanic flights.
It was a 12 engine flying boat and crossed the Atlantic amid great fanfare in the early 1930s.
(It was also a financial disaster for its owner and for Germany.)

This cover is from its first flight to the United States across the Atlantic.
The cover was cancelled Friedrichshafen am Bodensee.
It also bore a special DORNIER FLUGSCHIFF DO.X cancel.

The addressee was in the Superintendent of Mails Office
in the General Post Office in New York City.
Mr. Hoffman was probably a collector and arranged for this on his own.

The stamps are 1, 2, and 3 mark values of the German eagle airmails
of 1926-27 (Scott C32, C33, and C34).

The cover also has two DO-X rubber stamp cachets for the flight
and an early bilingual airmail etiquette.


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