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Straits Settlements to Great Britain
November 12, 1892

This registered postal stationery was postmarked in Singapore with four strikes of a single ring CDS.
It was received in Colne in Lancashire on December 12.
Colne is about 42 km west of Leeds.

The oval 'registered' on the front is a London foreign(?) registry receiver.
It arrived in London on December 12.

The circular cancel dated December 12 on the back is a registry transit mark probably from Manchester.

Note the handstamped Singapore box registry label with script serial number.

The franking includes a complete set of the 1892 Type 31 surcharges:
1c on 2c bright rose, 1c on 4c brown, 1c on 6c lilac, 1c on 8c orange, and 1c on 12c brown purple (SG 88-92).
The franking also includes an 1892 Type 32 1c on 8c green (SG 93).
These were probably all of the 1c surcharges available at the time.

The 6c postage is an overpayment of the 5c per half ounce rate
in use from
1 January 1891 to 28 February 1894
Registration was provided by the
5c registration envelope issued in February, 1891.
The choice of stamps and the overpayment suggests a philatelic intent albeit pleasing.

*Again, thanks to Paul and Phil for the elucidation on rates and markings.


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