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Saint Vincent to United States
November 10, 1939

The stamps are cancelled with a single ring CDS from Kingstown.
Note the Censor seal.  The British Commonwealth was at war when this cover was mailed.
Note also the neat script 'ans.' of an orderly correspondent.

The destination was Ardonia, New York.
Ardonia, New York, is about 10 miles west of Poughkeepsie
at the crossover of US 44 and I-87 (no exchange).
It's not shown on most maps.
If you don't know where it is, you don't have any reason to go there!*

The stamps on this cover are from the 1937 pictorial issue.
There are two ½p green and bright blue and one 2p black and green (Scott 141 and 144).
The stamp portrays the Seal of the Colony.

The first St. Vincent branch Post Office was opened at Kingstown by the G.P.O. in 1852.
An attractive (and coveted) crowned double circle handstamp
denoting PAID AT ST. VINCENT was used on early mail.

As in many colonies, stamps of Great Britain were introduced in St. Vincent in 1858.
Such usages are identified by the numbered obliterator A10.

The first stamps of St. Vincent were issued in 1861.

*Thanks to Bill B. for his help in locating the elusive Ardonia!


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