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Fiji to Northern Rhodesia
November 9, 1941

This interesting first flight cover was on the first airmail flight
from Suva, Fiji, to Auckland, New Zealand.
It then proceeded to Livingstone, Northern Rhodesia via Sydney, Australia.

There is an interesting cachet topped by a drawing of a Maori above the words:
Suva, Fiji to Auckland, N. Z

There are three Suva single ring CDS.
There is a Sydney Air Mail Section G.P.O. machine receiver dated 12 Nov 1941 on the reverse.
The letter was censored enroute, sealed with tape
and marked 'passed' with a diamond by censor 1147.

The cover is franked with 1d, 3d, 1/-, 1/5d from the
1938 George VI pictorial series (Scott 118, 122, 127, and 128, respectively).


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