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Netherlands to Roman States (Italy)
November 5, 1864

This handsome cover bears a single circle CDS from Rozendaal.
Rozendaal is the northeast part of Arnhem in eastern Netherlands.
There is a double circle receiver indicating its receipt in Rome in January, 1865.

The cover is addressed to a Dutch priest in Rome.
The sender requested the cover be sent Par La France (via France).

There are 6, count 'em, 6 of the first unwatermarked,
perforated 12½x12, 10c lake or rose red King William III of 1864 (Scott 5).

In addition, there is 5c blue margin copy from the same series (Scott 4) to complete the 65c rate.

The stamps are cancelled four times with a neat boxed
FRANCO indicating that the rate has been prepaid.

Further, there is a skewed P.D. handstamp to the right of the 5c.
This is the abbreviation for Paye á
Destination (Paid to Destination).

The P.D. stamp was applied by a postal clerk who would have verified
that the 65c rate was correct from Rozendaal to Rome via France.

Don't we all wish our collections were filled with items like this?

Thanks to Paolo B. and Jim W-S for their help on this item.


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